open source c++ 3d skeletal animation library and toolset

ozz-animation provides runtime character animation playback functionalities (loading, sampling, blending...). It proposes a low-level renderer agnostic and game-engine agnostic implementation, focusing on performance and memory constraints with a data-oriented design.

ozz-animation comes with the toolchain to convert from major Digital Content Creation formats (Fbx, Collada, Obj, 3ds, dxf) to ozz optimized runtime structures. Offline libraries are also provided to implement the conversion from any other animation and skeleton format.


Documentation and samples are available from ozz-animation website.

Supported platforms

Ozz is tested on Linux, Mac OS and Windows. The run-time code (ozz_base, ozz_animation, ozz_geometry) depends only on c++03, the standard CRT and has no OS specific code, portability to any other plateform shouldn't be an issue.

Samples, tools and tests depend on external libraries (glfw, Fbx SDK, jsoncpp, gtest, ...), which could limit portability.

Build status

Linux Mac OS Windows
master Travis-CI Travis-CI AppVeyor
develop Travis-CI Travis-CI AppVeyor

The dashboard for all branches is available here.


All contributions are welcome: code reviews, bug reports, bug fixes, samples, features, platforms, testing, documentation, optimizations...

Please read CONTRIBUTING file for more details about how to submit bugs or contribute to the code.


ozz-animation is hosted on github and distributed under the MIT License (MIT).

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